Assembled Landscapes I


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SEAS, for the uninitiated, is the third collaborative project between David Tagg and Brian Grainger (the other two being VCV and Viking Destroyer, respectively). SEAS focuses on ambient techno and textural electronics, unlike the guitar-centric output of Brian and David's other collaborations, but a constant element throughout SEAS music is a steady backdrop of field recordings, white noise, feedback trails and textures of all kinds, openly displaying Brian and David's love for both organic and inorganic atmospheres.

Assembled Landscapes is the isolated atmospheric backdrop of the duo's newest release, SEAS 2. The electronics and rhythms completely removed, revealing an expansive landscape of sound in motion, and mastered differently for this release to showcase the range and depth of the elements involved.

Comprised of a collage-like set of field recordings made by Brian and David using binaural and contact microphones, layered over/under feedback experiments (David processing fireworks and white noise with a Roland Space Echo) and FX wizardry (Brian sampling everything from blank cassette hiss to flanger and phaser waves, and running the sound through loop setups and extensive EQ treatments)...Assembled Landscapes is a potent tapestry of elemental and imagined sound, and a worthy companion piece to the SEAS 2 album. This is volume one of a two-volume set.


released August 30, 2012

Assembled and mastered by Brian Grainger, using location recordings by Brian Grainger and David Tagg in South Carolina and New York. Cover photo and processing by Brian Grainger. This is Install Digital Archive number IP015.



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Brian Grainger & David Tagg New York, New York

Brian Grainger and David Tagg, by any other name, are still Brian and David. Those names have been VCV, Viking Destroyer, SEAS and likely more yet to come. This archive of their works will be maintained and expanded as time allows.

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