Jovian Clouds

by VCV & Shinobu Nemoto

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"From the blackest depths of silent space, waking from a hibernation that's lasted eons, VCV steadily descend toward our galaxy, observing it as a somber spiral isolated in the middle of nothing and more nothing. Upon entering the solar system, a signal is received from Earth. Japan, to be precise. A young man named Shinobu Nemoto is jamming experimental frequencies on several dozen pieces of audio equipment in his backyard. VCV read his signals, wait, and understand. The two entities converse and agree to meet, where else but the harsh climate of Jupiter, to combine their abilities and create a message for mankind. Long hot hours are spent in atmo-suits, combining modified audio frequencies with caustic chemicals found naturally in the Jovian habitat, and etching the results into exactly one-hundred black discs with ultraviolet light. The visitors depart, their mission complete. There are no goodbyes, only quiet, patient understanding. Their languages are very different and very unimportant, but the message has been created in a new tongue. What does it mean? You might never know."

-Brian Grainger, for the Install website, 2011

"Please allow me to direct your attention to the press release of this item, a delightfully insane piece of fantasist sci-fi which, in a nutshell, explains that this is a collaboration between man and extra-terrestrial and was recorded on Jupiter. I think it's trying to say there's only 100 of them, too, but I'm not sure. That seems remarkably few considering the quality that's on offer here. The screenprinted covers are pretty cool, too. Nice thick ink and a bold design. As for the wax...basically we've got some lush and warm drones. It's pretty minimal and cosmic...starts out with washes of static before twinkling synths get thrown into the mix and it's totally absorbing and relaxing. Then there's a track which opens with quite an industrial sounding metallic throb over which some smooth and tasty synth top end playfully drifts overhead. Gradually the jarring background noise softens into an incredible soft but glassy high pitched drone. The tones here are soooo niiiiice. It never gets dull and it's never hard to listen to. If you're into the more relaxing side of Bee Mask's stuff, this is another record that scratches that same kind of itch for me. Drone/kosmische fans look no further."

-Norman Records (9/10)


released July 1, 2011

Written by Brian Grainger, David Tagg and Shinobu Nemoto. Recorded in New York, South Carolina and Japan, 2009-2011. Originally released at INSTALL on limited edition 12" vinyl, bearing the catalog number INSTLP02. Design by David Tagg. Mastered by The Analog Botanist. This is Second Sun Recordings number SSRD-06.



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Brian Grainger & David Tagg New York, New York

Brian Grainger and David Tagg, by any other name, are still Brian and David. Those names have been VCV, Viking Destroyer, SEAS and likely more yet to come. This archive of their works will be maintained and expanded as time allows.

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