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"The band's "single" (as they refer to it) offers three longform tracks
that sonically reach a little closer to home than 3753 Cruithne. Subtle
nuances and intricate micro-melodies are buried under humming, monolithic drones, only to flow free of time and space. Crafted entirely on one bass and one guitar, this is the sound of VCV hunting and gathering on the black earth 1000 years into a desolate nuclear future. Unbreathable smoke atmospheres permeate while sultry siren songs in foreign keys can be traced through the fog. An infected yellow sun bleeds through the burlap sky, and this long buried time-capsule spews its rotted message. Is it heaven or hell?"

-From the SSR website, 2007

"Also on Second Sun is a self titled CD by VCV which treads far bleaker terrain. VCV are the duo of David Tagg and Brian Grainger (Milieu). For this project they use guitar and bass to create some heavy, evil sounding doom. The sound of ice cold winds blowing through a dark forest. It's great to hear this side of these artists. The drones build and build and there's layers of distortion which is not unlike Sunn O))). Who'd have thought it eh? Ambient guys turn into blood drinking goat sacrificers. This is very beautifully packaged and comes in a black paper bag."

-Norman Records (8/10)


released June 9, 2007

Written & produced by David Tagg and Brian Grainger. Mastered by The Analog Botanist. This is Second Sun Recordings number SSRD-02.



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Brian Grainger & David Tagg New York, New York

Brian Grainger and David Tagg, by any other name, are still Brian and David. Those names have been VCV, Viking Destroyer, SEAS and likely more yet to come. This archive of their works will be maintained and expanded as time allows.

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